Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices of the tiles?
Depends. Our accent tiles range from retail $15 to $28. Our field tiles range from retail $1.25 to $9. Most backsplashes and kitchen surrounds range between $300 to $1,200; depending on the size. Yancey Crafted Tile is capable of any order - large or small for your particular needs.

Where can I buy the tile?
We recommend you visit a distributor near you. However, if this is not convenient, we can help you with your project or order. Contact us and begin a conversation. The initial talks are free of charge and we have an excellent staff of designers to get your vision going.

How are handmade tiles different than other tiles?
Handmade tiles have a crafty and cozy feel. They have the touch of a trained and talented artist rather than the touch of a machine. No one tile is like another tile and each tile is important to us. Because our accent tile glazes match our field tile glazes a complete project is the way to go as we create colors unavailable from commercial vendors. Handmade tile are special and are created in the way tiles used to be made.

How do I order tile?
If you are ordering through Yancey Crafted Tile, you need to have an initial consultation. This can be done through email, over the phone, or in person. A design concept will be given back to you along with a price quote. If you would like to place the order, all we need is half of the total project down. We accept checks, cash, or money order. Once the tile is completed, it can be delivered by UPS at which time you will be billed for the remainder of the invoice.

I won't need the tile for quite some time. How soon should I order?
As soon as possible. We recommend that home-owners place orders sooner rather than later because then we are better able to schedule production. If you wait on the order just because you aren't moving in until a much later date, you can't be guaranteed the tile will be there because of other orders we may be working on. It's better to have your tile waiting in a couple of boxes in the corner months ahead of time, rather than stressing out about it being there just in time.

How long does an order take?
Gift shipments are immediately available based upon stock. Regular installation orders usually take 4-6 weeks to finish from scratch. Please call for a more realistic timeline. We are always working to reduce our lead times, and some particular orders may take between 2-3 weeks.

Can I install the tiles myself?
Yes. Most installation guides are available at hardware stores. The tools needed for installation are also available at these businesses.

Does Yancey Crafted Tile have a tile setter on staff?
No. However, we can recommend several tile setters in the Western Carolina area that can help you install your tiles.

How do I hang the tiles on the wall?
Each tile has a hanging notch on the back of it. Use a picture hanger or a drywall nail and place it straight on the area where you want to decorate.

Can these tiles go outside?
Yes and no. In warmer climates, the tiles can be placed outside. However, if you live in an area that drops below freezing point, the clay base we use may cause cracking. It is recommended that these tiles be used strictly for indoor use.

Can these tiles be used on the floor or countertop?
Our tiles are not designed to be used on the floor or countertop. They are strictly wall tile.

Can I use the tiles as a trivet or hotplate?
Of course! Yancey Crafted Tile's products are fired to over 2,000 degrees and can surely withstand the heat of a warm pot or pan.

How consistent are your glazes?
There are two types of glazes that you can purchase. There is a smooth glaze that has little variation in break and a variable glaze that has what is known as break, or variations in color on a single tile. Most of these variations are very subtle and most times can only be discerned by a trained eye. Variations from tile to tile occur, but these differences are project enhancing and increase the "handmade" feel of the whole.

Are the edges glazed?
For a small, extra fee, tiles (accents and field) can be glazed to the very edge.

Can the accent tiles come in different colors than shown on the website?
Of course! You can choose any of our available glazes for any available design.

What does "two tone" mean?
Two tone refers to the design being scraped out of the glaze. Most customers buy "two tone" accents because it makes the relief tile look more dimensional. "One tone" tiles mean that the design isn't wiped off, and the terra cotta color of the original does not pop out.

Do the designs come in different sizes?
Only the oak leaf and the maple leaf come in different sizes. However, you can customize your project by using a current design and requesting a different size for an additional fee. This is part of the versatility our company offers.

Should I seal my tile?
We recommend a clear sealant for your installation projects. This will preserve the original look of your tile and make cleanup much easier.

Can I get field tile to match the accents?
Of course! For customer projects, we focus our glazing the whole order at one time to make the installation design much more consistent. Our field tile is available in all sizes; from 6x6 to 4x4 and can be special cut into borders.

Other questions?
Ask a local showroom, or contact us with your inquiries.


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