Custom Tile Design

Though our stock designs are ideal for most installations, some people want something a little extra special, or have a need that other tile manufacturers cannot meet. The artists and design team at Yancey Crafted Tile provides three specific custom design services; some at no cost, some at a marginal fee.

Custom Designs - With our talented design team, we can make a decorative tile out of nearly any subject. From raccoons and squirrels to murals and company logos. If we don't have the design in stock, translating an idea is a challenge we willfully accept. This service is offered at additional costs. See FAQ for more information.

Custom Colors - By using paint samples, fabric swatches or pieces of granite, our talented artists are able to match or complement most colors. Even with our large range of colors, we can darken, or lighten most shades in order to match a client's preferences. This service is offered at additional costs. See FAQ for more information.

Custom Layouts - Our design team works well with a variety of architectural layouts; from blue prints to simple measurements, Yancey Crafted Tile can create customized layouts for you or your client's kitchen, bathroom or den. This layout will incorporate accent tile with field, border or trim pieces. The graphed picture of how your tile design will look, aids in the ordering process, creates a stable foundation for the project and helps in the installation. This service is offered at no cost.

    Custom Colors      
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